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5 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets Around the House

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Dryer sheets are extremely handy when it comes to doing laundry, but that’s not all! They can also be used for a wide variety of home cleaning hacks making them even more valuable. From removing pet hair to cleaning electronics and more, check out these alternative uses for dryer sheets around the house.

Clever Hacks and Practical Tips: Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

Finding alternative uses for dryer sheets can make life easier at home. But before we reveal more practical uses for dryer sheets, it’s helpful to know why they were created. What are dryer sheets used for, anyway?

What Are Dryer Sheets Used For?

Dryer sheets were initially created to reduce the static cling caused by friction in the dryer. They also make clothes feel softer and smell great. 

What are dryer sheets made of that result in less static cling? The sheet’s thin fibers are coated in silicone that rubs off on clothing as it tumbles in the dryer. The silicone then softens clothing fibers, reducing static. Fortunately, these same abilities can be helpful for a variety of other purposes around the house.

#1: Removing Pet Hair

There’s no need to constantly replace a lint roller or clog up your vacuum when removing pet hair from clothing and furniture. Simply rub an unused dryer sheet against your clothing or couch to lift pet hair away. This technique is ideal for removing dog hair from blankets before throwing them in the washer.

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#2: Cleaning Electronics

Using dryer sheets to clean electronics utilizes the same properties that reduce static cling in the dryer. The electrical charge on televisions and computer screens can attract dust and lint. The dryer sheet’s ability to reduce static not only picks up dust but prevents it from resettling on screens.

#3: Eliminating Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains

One of the best dryer sheet hacks is its ability to remove buildup from shower doors and tile. Instead of experimenting with expensive cleaners, dampen a dryer sheet with water and rub it across the glass or tile. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can say goodbye to soap scum and hard water stains.

#4: Refilling Duster Pads

Other ways to use dryer sheets include recycling them as duster pads for your Swiffer or push duster. Instead of purchasing replacement pads, do your wallet and the planet a favor and attach two used dryer sheets instead. Their static-reducing abilities do just as good a job at picking up dust and recycling = greater sustainability.

#5: Keeping Bugs Away

Sure, bug spray may do the trick, but who wants to inhale chemicals in the process? Ask an experienced hiker what they do to keep bugs away, and they’ll mention one of the easiest alternative uses for dryer sheets. Tuck one or two scented sheets in your pockets and mosquitoes and flies will be repelled by the smell.

Finding alternative uses for dryer sheets not only addresses a variety of household chores but can contribute to greener living. Call your local dryer service for helpful advice with any laundry appliance concern. 

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