3 Most Common Stove Repair Problems

3 Most Common Stove Repair Problems

3 Most Common Stove Repair ProblemsWhen your stove won’t work, life can become very frustrating. Here are the 3 most common stove repair problems we encounter throughout the Greater Sacramento and Reno areas:

Electric stove won’t heat

Clarify the problem: Is the issue limited to one burner or all the burners?

If the issue is with one specific burner, you should examine the heating coil and its connection. Turn off the stove to examine the heating coil. Be sure the coil is completely cool before touching. Unplug the coil from its connection and examine for signs of damage (i.e. blisters, bubbles, or cracks). If the coil is undamaged, try swapping it with another coil of the same size and test both burners. This can help to identify whether the problem is the coil or the connection.

If the issue is with all burners, there is probably a larger electrical issue. If your stove has a built-in digital clock/timer but it is not displaying, or if it is part of an oven and the oven light won’t go on, you probably don’t have any power to the unit. An electrical surge may have blown a fuse. Test the outlet. If there is electricity in the outlet, the blown fuse may be in the stove itself. Typically, these are located near the heating elements. If this test doesn’t solve the problem, contact an experience technician for a diagnosis.

Electric stove won’t adjust heat

Occasionally, an electric stove may lose the ability to regulate the level of heat it is producing. Rather than producing various levels of heat, it is either completely on or completely off, regardless of the current setting. This is a problem with the infinite switch connected to the dial which regulates power levels and should be replaced.

Gas stove won’t light

A common complaint among gas stove owners is when the flame won’t light. The stove should click repeatedly if the power is on and the dial is set to “light.” If there is no flame, you should be able to smell the gas. If there is no click, you have a defective ignition switch. If you can’t smell gas, then there is a gas flow issue.

NOTE: When testing gas stoves, work in a well-ventilated area and keep your head away from the stovetop when in use. Don’t assume the pilot light will not work if it hasn’t in the past. It only takes one good spark to ignite gas, and if that gas has accumulated, it may produce a bigger flame than you expect. Always exercise fire safety and take precautions whenever working with or around flammable gases. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and work with a friend in case of emergencies.

Turn off the lights, and then engage the igniter and observe. The igniter should produce white sparks with a tinge of blue. If the sparks are more of a reddish hue, it indicates that this component has gone bad and should be replaced.

If you need help with your stove repair problem in the Greater Sacramento or Reno area, contact Lake Appliance Repair for fast, affordable service now.

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