3 Common Oven Repair Problems

3 Most Common Oven Repair ProblemsIf you’re having oven repair problems, here are the 3 most common oven repair problems we encounter:

Gas Oven Won’t Light Or Heat

Typically this issue is the result of a bad igniter. When functioning normally, you will hear the igniter click several times before a “whoosh” sound indicates that the gas has been ignited. When the igniter is broken, you will hear several clicks before the sound stops entirely. At this point, it is important to turn the dial to off to avoid gas leaks. This issue should be addressed by a certified oven repair technician.

Electric Oven Won’t Heat

Is the digital display working on your oven? If not, you probably don’t have power to the unit. Usually this is the result of a blown fuse. First, check your circuit breakers or test the outlet with another device to confirm that the oven has power. Next, cut the electricity to examine the oven for a circuit breaker or fuse box. Usually this is located around the top-rear of the unit. Flip the circuit breaker or replace blown fuses as needed.

If there is power to the oven, you should inspect the heating elements for damage. The easiest way to do this is to turn the oven on high and wait for the elements to glow. Signs of damage should be obvious, such as half the element not glowing. You should also turn on the broil function to inspect the broiler elements. Once the elements have cooled, you can cut power to the oven, disconnect the element, and replace it.

Electric Oven Doesn’t Heat Evenly

When an electric oven heats unevenly, this suggests a burnt out heating element. Typically, either the top or bottom element will burn out, but occasionally the element may be partially damaged, affecting only one corner of the oven. You probably already know where to look first, but if you don’t, turn your oven on to full power and wait for the elements to glow. Any damaged element should fail to glow properly. After the elements cool, cut power, disconnect the elements, and replace as needed.

If your oven isn’t working, give Lake Appliance Repair a call for fast, affordable service.

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