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Factory Authorized LG Electronics

LG Electronics approved us to become Factory Authorized in 2008 when no other local service company, at the time, was willing to service the product. There was no other product like LG on the market and therefore many companies were afraid to start working on something brand new. Lake Appliance Repair was not afraid to dive in and learn. In fact, we were eager because it was just a matter of time before more and more dealers would be offering these luxurious appliances.

We are proud to have the experience and relationship we have with this manufacturer. Our technicians attend the annual service trainings so we are always the first to know about upgrades to parts, recalls, or any service bulletins that may be new. We have all of our vehicles fully stocked with the most common LG parts that fail, in addition to one vehicle that is solely dedicated to LG service and repair only.

LG Electronics

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